Garden refurbishment on the cheap

have now got the Asro turf down and only have to plant up the tyres

scroll down to see part one

Hi to you all it has taken a bit of time to get back in the garden
dew to lots of work and rain stopping play
well to day we got the front garden cleared

have also primed some of the tyres

decided to have tea al fresco
and a barbeque with the lovely husband and visiting cat from across the road

will be back soon with next part

Hi to you all 
I am doing this page to show you how you can do your gardens up for next to no money 

First part is to have a plan and a colour board and images what you want to use 
here is my inspirational pictures 

My first joy is I have got some old tyres for free with the help of my lovely husband and a free site on the web also just had to collect them from up the road cool now that that sorted just got to paint them 

 I now have to paint them I would like them to go in the middle of my bottom front garden 
like the first picture 
here is a picture of the front garden  as it is at the moment 

pop back for next part of this blog 
here are some more links to inspiration pages I like 

also here is a picture of a friends pet who loves to come and help us 

see you next time 

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